Common Causes of Building Fire & the Best Protection Systems

Fire in commercial spaces can pose a serious threat to human life and cause disruption to business activities, including loss of assets, important documents and work hours. We have listed down the most common causes of commercial fire and the best fire protection system to keep your facility safe.

Electrical and Lighting Equipment

Commercial buildings rely heavily on electricity for the day to day operations. A properly functioning electrical system on the surface does not mean that the system is risk-free. The electrical system inevitably poses an ongoing fire risk. In fact, electrical distribution and lighting equipment are listed as among the major fire causes in commercial buildings. 

Electrical wiring, lighting and appliances that are defective, outdated or overloaded can be a major fire hazard. The best fire protection and suppression system to prevent electrical fires is regular maintenance on the electrical panel. Old equipment and appliances should be repaired and if needed, replaced. You should also ensure that your electrical panel and circuit breakers are up-to-date.

Cooking Equipment

Buildings with cooking equipment, be it in a restaurant or any other establishment with a kitchen area, have an ever-present risk of fire due to the high cooking temperatures, presence of flammable oil and gas as well as the naturally hectic nature of cooking space. 

Although fire from cooking equipment is quite common, it is likely to cause the least damage because it is easily preventable and suppressed with proper fire protection and suppression systems such as fire alarm and extinguishers. 

Exposure to External Fire

Exposure to the spread of fire from outside your facility, whether it is from a neighbouring facility or smoking material such as cigarettes, can be out of the facility managers control. One important step that can be taken to minimise the spread is by having a passive fire protection system such as fire-resistant walls and doors and compartmentalisation in place. Ensuring that the alarm and fire sprinkler system is placed in strategic spots is also crucial in managing external fire hazards. 

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