How Building Automation System Works?

For decades Building Automation System (BAS) has been delivering crucial information on the performance of the operating system specifically the heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and other critical building components to the facility managers. This centralized system allows the facility manager to monitor and manage the individual components from a dedicated station.

Creating Smart, Intelligent Buildings

Buildings equipped with BAS are termed smart buildings as all their operations can be monitored and controlled remotely. BAS has the ability to alert facility managers if and when problems are detected in any of the components and depending on the issue, BAS can also attempt to automatically resolve the problem without human intervention.  

The centralised control makes buildings with BAS more user-friendly, eco-friendly and pocket-friendly. In addition, automated operations keep the operations of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in check, which helps in reducing energy costs and ensuring the comforts and safety of the building occupants. 

Core Functions

On top of its primary function of monitoring and controlling the building’s overall system performance, BAS also plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the building occupants by alerting or sounding the alarm in case of fire or other emergencies

The more advanced BAS can ensure that the overall climate of the facility is at a comfortable level by adjusting the heating, cooling and ventilation system. This system can also adjust the operations of the building components according to the occupancy rate and energy consumption. 

A Building Automation System is an excellent way to keep the functionality of the overall building components in order. A lot of processes are automated and handled by the system, allowing the facility managers to focus on other important tasks and matters. 

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