How to Prevent Pests in Your Building

Big buildings especially those that house food establishments will inevitably be susceptible to pests. They not only give a negative image to your facility but also poses health hazards and causes damages to the building. That is why building management should take preventive measures and conduct periodic pest control to reduce the chances of infestation. 

A comprehensive facilities management encompasses a good and responsible pest control plan. We have listed down some of the preventive measures that can be taken to keep your building safe from pests:

Minimise access into your building

Inspect the exterior and interior of your building regularly for any passageways or spot holes for pests — this is an important first step to prevent the infestation from the very beginning. Among the usual spot of entry include broken windows, HVAC vents and vent covers, doors or windows that are kept open, electrical outlets and plumbing systems. These possible passageways should be kept sealed and even the smallest gaps or openings must be plugged. 

Manage your waste disposal system effectively

Your dumpster has to be placed as far away from your building as possible and have enough trash cans to avoid overflowing content. Your outdoor trashcan, in best practice, should also have a self-closing lid and make sure that spills are promptly cleaned. Easier still, hire a professional facilities management company to manage your waste disposal.

Reduce water sources 

Exposed water sources within your building create a conducive environment for pests to breed and thrive, therefore, ensuring that your drainage and roofing systems are free-flowing and unclogged is important to prevent pests. Leakages and moisture problems must also be immediately addressed. Conduct regular fogging to avoid breeding of mosquitoes and other insects. 

Once you have identified and control pest infestation, you should put in place a good pest control plan. Professional facilities management services include continuous maintenance and monitoring, disinfection and sanitisation, pest treatments including fogging, and more.  Get in touch with us to plan your pest control measures effectively!

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