Sanitising and Disinfecting Your Facility During the Pandemic

For businesses, the decision of keeping the operations running on-site during the pandemic can be a difficult one. Not all businesses are able to give their employees the flexibility to work from the safety of their homes as some processes can’t run remotely. The only option these businesses are left with is to keep their facilities as safe as possible for their employees and the public. Adhering to the strict guideline set by the relevant authority and ensuring that regular disinfection and sanitization is carried out is among the steps that can be taken to keep the premises safe. 

How Coronavirus Spread?

The virus spreads as a bio-aerosol from person to person. Droplets produced by an infected person travels through the air when he or she talks, sneezes or coughs and can float in the air for a few hours. When another person breathes in these droplets, they become infected. 

This virus can also survive on porous and non-porous surfaces and spread through hand to body transfer.

Why Sanitising and Disinfecting Your Workplace is Important?

Janitorial service in your facility may cover regular wiping and mopping, but it is not sufficient to eliminate the bacteria, viruses and pathogens in the air and hidden surfaces. Engaging professional sanitisation and disinfection service is much more effective in eliminating and removing hidden pathogens that cannot be reached.

These professionals are also able to identify high contact surfaces and ensure that they are promptly sanitised and disinfected. The disinfectants used are also much more powerful while adhering to the safety standards set by the relevant authorities. On top of engaging professional services for periodic sanitisation, you can also buy disinfectants and sanitiser in bulk from authorised distributors for your everyday use. 

Peace of Mind

Keeping your premises sanitised and disinfected not only control the possibility of the spread of the virus but also ensures that those visiting your facility, especially the employees feel safe. Visitors and customers will also have more confidence in visiting your facility, which in turn will help your business sustain even in this time of the pandemic. 

It is vital to have a consistent and comprehensive sanitising plan to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in your workplace. It is evident from the data released by the Health Ministry that workplace clusters are a key source of COVID-19 infection, so, facility owners should take all necessary precautions to stop the spread!

At UDA Dayaurus, we have the capacity to perform sanitisation and disinfection of 100,000 sq.ft. area in just a day. We use a hospital-grade anti-microbial disinfectant that can eradicate up to 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria. We also distribute high-grade sanitisers, so get in touch with us to buy sanitisers in bulk. 

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